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energy ball recipe

Energy balls are my go-to healthier sweet treat. Unlike a sugary biscuit or chocolate bar, they will will keep you more satiated and will help prevent getting the afternoon sugar crash due to their blend of protein and fibre.

They can be made in batches and kept in the fridge for 2-3 weeks. I always recommend buying nuts & seeds in bulk as it works out to be a lot cheaper. Websites like are great for large orders. Also supermarkets like Lidl often sell cheaper nuts & seeds.

Healthy energy balls recipe snack

RECIPE - Coconut, cacao & nut energy balls

(makes 15-20 depending on size)

1 large cup of almonds

½ large cup of walnuts

2 tbsp of ground flaxseeds

2 tbsp of chia seeds

1 large cup of dates

1 tbsp cacao powder

3 tbsp of coconut flakes

1 tbsp coconut oil

3 tbsp of desiccated coconut (optional)

- Put the nuts & seeds in a food processor and blend for a few minutes.

- Add the remaining ingredients and mix again for another few minutes.

- Spoon out 2 tbsp and roll into balls.

- Roll them in the desiccated coconut for decoration if using.

- Store in the fridge (can be kept for 2-3 weeks).

Enjoy! Michelle x


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