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flaxseeds - why they can be beneficial for your gut health

Flaxseeds (sometimes called linseeds) are nutritional powerhouses and are GREAT for gut health.

Firstly they’re rich in gut loving fibre - 1 tbsp is nearly 3g of fibre so a super easy way to increase your intake.

Secondly they can help regulate bowel regularity and are GREAT for constipation making a good natural laxative. Flaxseeds are high in both soluble and insoluble fibre which means that they can help to bulk up stools and get things moving through the digestive tract due to their high amount of mucilage gum (a gel forming fibre that is water soluble).

Flaxseeds are also good for women’s health due to their lignan properties (a phytochemical that has a phytoestrogen effect) which can be useful to regulate hormones. They are also a plant based source of healthy omega 3 fatty acids.

Ideally it's best to consume flaxseeds in ground form to get the most benefits... otherwise they will pass right through you without being digested! You can buy them already ground or you can easily grind them up in a blender.

Flaxseeds are pretty tasteless & more importantly easy to incorporate into your everyday diet. Try adding 1-2 tbsp to smoothies, sprinkling on top of cereal or porridge or with yoghurt & fruit.

(if you currently don’t eat much fibre, I would recommend building slowly initially)

Top constipation tip – add 1-2 tbsp of flaxseeds to a small glass water, leave overnight and drink the next day. This works wonders to get things moving temporarily if you're in desperate need (although I will admit it’s not the most palatable drink).

However, if you're regularly suffering with constipation it's always better to work with a qualified professional to understand what's causing your constipation and address that for better long term results.

flaxseeds - why they can be beneficial for your gut health


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