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Michelle Radley Nutritionist

What to expect​

The thrive toolkit consists of three key components

1) Restore - restore functional imbalances that could be driving your symptoms. 

2) Rebalance - rebalance your mind & body through lifestyle techniques addressing stress, sleep & mindset.

3) Restructure - coaching & supporting you to build a routine that allows you to successfully embed new habits. 


I find the best way to work with clients is over a period of time as it can time for your body is adjust & for new habits to be embedded. My thrive programme lasts 8 weeks and is bespoke to your symptoms & needs. It uses all three components of the toolkit.

The programme consists of 1 x initial consultation, 2 x follow up consultations and 2 x check in calls. 

My approach 

My aim as a Nutritional Therapist is to get you the best possible results by getting to the 'why' of what could be driving your symptoms. I will transform how you feel so you can thrive in all aspects of life.  

My signature thrive programme is designed for long term success. I will coach you through your journey to ensure you feel supported & habits are embedded. 

What does thrive mean?

tailored nutrition & lifestyle plans 

habit creation for long term behaviour change

root cause approach to find the 'why' to your symptoms 

integrated to the rhythm of your lifestyle

vitality both physically and mentally

empower you for long term success 

Michelle Radley Nutritionist

" Michelle has been an absolute lifesaver for me. Not only did Michelle help me balance my nutrition and get to the bottom of what was causing my imbalance, she took a holistic approach to wellbeing considering emotional, mental & physical changes that would make me feel better

Leoni, London

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