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Immune support foods

As well as eating a well balanced diet, there are some foods that are particularly good to support your immune system. This certainly isn't a magic cure but trying to incorporate extra healthy foods where you can would be beneficial for your overall health right now (if you can get hold of the foods... 😊).

A stir fry is great meal to pack a lot of these foods in one go! I used prawns for the protein source but you can easily swap for chicken or tofu.

⚡Garlic - a great all round anti-microbial due to its allicin content - it is even better raw & crushed so for this I sprinkled it over my stir fry instead of cooking it.

⚡Ginger - a well known anti inflammatory

⚡Red pepper - one of the best sources of vitamin C (more so than citrus fruits)

⚡Pak choi & broccoli - other great sources of vitamin C

⚡Sesame seeds & prawns - great source of zinc. Zinc is needed for multiple functions of the immune system

⚡ Mushrooms - contain beta glucans which have a role in immune defence.

(I managed to get all these ingredients at the supermarket but the veggies can be easily swapped to whatever you can find e.g swap pak choi with regular cabbage)

Immune support recipe


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