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speedy lunch recipe: chilli salmon & eggs

This is my go to speedy nutritious lunch when I haven't made batched cooked lunch e.g. like today!

Rich in healthy fats, protein & complex carbs it makes a very balanced lunch & will keep me going through the afternoon.

speedy lunch recipe: chilli salmon & eggs


100g canned wild salmon

Chilli mayo (or normal is fine and add chilli flakes)

Squeeze of lemon (c. 1 tsp)

1 egg

Salad leaves (I used rocket)

Bread of choice (I used Rye bread)


Boil the egg for c. 8 mins.

Mix the salmon with the chilli mayo, a squeeze of lemon and season well.

Once the egg is cooked, peel and slice it.

Assemble the salmon mixture with the salad leaves on the bread and add the sliced egg. Done!

Enjoy! Michelle x


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